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Oceanographers go to Nanao, Shantou to launch the Three Goes to the Countryside Activity II - Marine Fish Cage Culture and Scientific Feeding Technology

Oval-shaped pomfret and Cao trout are important marine cultured fish developed rapidly in recent years in China. Their annual output is 120,000 tons and 60,000 tons respectively. At present, although there are some reports about the nutritional requirements and feedstuffs of the two kinds of fish, there is still no research on some nutrients, such as: (1) the available data of fatty acids in compound feed is limited; (2) the research on the substitution of protein sources (plant protein, animal protein) for fish meal needs to be deepened, and the appropriate level of substitution is needed. Technology has not yet been established. To this end, our practice team carried out culture experiments in offshore cages at Nan'ao Linhai Experimental Station, Shantou University, using a mixed feed containing different fatty acid compositions or different protein sources, and explored scientific feeding techniques, with a view to providing accurate nutrition research for the two species of fish and research and development of high-quality and high-efficiency formula feed. Reference materials to promote the healthy and sustainable development of its aquaculture industry. The aquaculture experiment began in July 17th and is expected to last 8-10 weeks.

Test fish catch test fish weighing.

Wang Shuqi instruct the fish to observe the activity of fish.

On July 22, the team instructor, Professor Li Yuanyou, and Ding Weiguo, chairman of Guangzhou Youbaite Feed Technology Co., Ltd., and some members of his team went to Nanao Island to inspect the progress of the aquaculture experiment. Teacher Li briefed Ding's team on the purpose of the aquaculture experiment, the species of fish, the status of aquaculture and the follow-up experimental plan. He hoped that the company would continue to pay attention to the research progress of the experiment. Ding briefed the teachers and graduate students who participated in the experiment on the company's situation and strategic deployment, hoping to take this cooperation as an opportunity, and then with Mr. Li's team to carry out in-depth research and product development on fish fatty acid precision nutrition, to contribute to the development of aquaculture industry in China.

Mr. Li introduced fish culture to Ding's team. Mr. Li and the team took pictures on the fish steak.

The activities of going to the countryside not only improve the experience of the team members in marine fish culture, but also really feel the importance enterprises attach to the nutrition of fish, which can better stimulate our professional passion, aspire to show our talents in the blue industry, provide safe and reliable quality aquatic products for our people, and implement the strategy of National Marine power. Contribute your strength.

(text / map Li Mengmeng, Ma Yongcai)