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College of Marine Sciences Undergraduates Publish SCI Papers as First Author

Gao Yumiao, a 2017 undergraduate from ocean College of our university, published a research paper entitled deep insights into gut microbiology in four carnivorous core reef fisheries from the South China Sea online in the International Journal micromanagems (impact factor: 4.167) (online publishing address:

Distribution of intestinal microflora in four species of coral reef fish in the South China Sea

At present, there are few investigations on the intestinal microbial diversity of marine fishes in the field, especially the data of carnivorous reef fishes in the South China Sea are relatively scarce. Using high-throughput Illumina sequencing for the first time, this study investigated the intestinal microflora of four carnivorous reef fishes in the South China Sea, including oxycheilus unifasciatus, cephalophilus urodeta, Lutjanus kasmira, And gnathodentex aurolineatus, 98% of which are from Proteus, pachytenella and Bacteroides. In addition, 20 new species of bacteria were first found in fish intestine. The results show that the four fish species have similar microbial communities, which indicates that the diet type may be more important than the fish genetic relationship in shaping the intestinal microflora of coral reef fish. This study expanded our understanding of the diversity and specificity of gut microorganisms associated with reef fish.

The instructor of this paper is Zhang Xiaoyong, associate professor of ocean college.

Thesis: 2020 gym micro organization ms-08-00426.pdf

(Wen / Zheng Darui, Gao Yumiao, Ocean University)