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College of Marine Sciences Overview


College of Marine Sciences was established on the basis of the Department of Aquaculture which attached to College of Animal Science of South China Agricultural University in November 2015. At giving play to the discipline advantage and the Enterprise-University-Research cooperation, the college is aimed to train students’ initiative spirit, practice ability and entrepreneurship. College of Marine Sciences was positioned as research and teaching college and inter-disciplinary talents with professional knowledge and management skills will be cultured to according with our country’s modern marine biology, aquaculture, marine and fishery transformation and upgrading requirements.

Discipline construction

College of Marine Sciences has possessed characteristic disciplines, such as marine biological resources protection and utilization, aquatic breeding and seed industry, aquaculture nutrition and feed, healthy breeding and disease prevention and control, ecological protection and environmental remediation, facility fishery and new production mode, high value utilization and other research fields. Chinese Academy Engineering Mai Kangsen is the honorary director of the marine biology research center. Animal Science and Aquatic Biology are for doctor. Aquatic Biology, Zoology and Aquaculture are for postgraduate. Aquaculture Science, Aquatic Animal Medicine and Marine Science are for undergraduate. Aquaculture Science was a university level characteristic professionalism which founded in 2002 and obtained provincial joint training postgraduate demonstration base and the provincial quality project construction.


Now the college has owed more than 30 faculties, including 10 professors, 12 associate professors, 9 doctoral tutors, and 16 master's tutor. And among the professors there is one China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists gainer, two Dingying chair distinguished professors, one candidate of The New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project, one director of Chinese Society for Oceanology and Limnology, five China Society of Fisheries Professional Committee members, one Teaching Guiding Committee for College Aquaculture Majors under the Ministry of Education, one National Modern Agricultural Industry Technology System comprehensive test station master, one Vice president of Guangdong Marine Association, one Guangdong province universities “Thousand,Hundred,and Ten Project” provincial culturing object,one Distinguished Teacher of South China Agricultural University. South China Agricultural University is the governing unit of China Society of Fisheries Professional, Guangdong Marine Association and Guangdong Society of Fisheries Professional. The college staffs have undertaken more than 100 projects, such as the "973", the national science and technology supporting plan, "863" and the Natural Science Foundation of China, Guangdong provincial natural science foundation and other projects, total funding is nearly 50 million.

Talent Cultivation

College of Marine Sciences has 296 students, including 4 postgraduate students for doctor, 42 postgraduate students for master and 250 undergraduate students. The college attaches great importance to encourage students to grow up, and actively explores the development ideas closely combined with the “Enterprise-University-Research”. Currently the college has one Guangdong Practice and Teaching Base for College Students, nearly about 20 Off-Campus Practical Teaching and Research Base, more than 20 teachers in the practical teaching base such as Guangdong Haid Group Limited Liability Company, and forms a new talent cultivation mode of “Universities - Colleges - Enterprises” in order to improve the “Enterprise-University-Research” cooperative education mechanism. In addition to national scholarship, the college has established enterprise scholarship with Guangzhou Liyang Aqua-Technology Limited Liability Company and other enterprises, these scholarships are funded for professional undergraduate students. The college has the ability to develop students to high scientific research quality, strong practical ability and adapt to the needs of the community.

Development Prospects

Specialties and professional direction of the college belong to the promising Industry. Graduates employment demand is strong and the employment rate of graduates maintains more than 95%, the satisfaction rat of graduates and employers achieves above 90%, postgraduate enrollment rate is more than 30%. Many graduates have become entrepreneurs, scientists, government employees, industry leaders, and social celebrities, are well received by society.